eating this week

monday: veggie gratin + bread (carryover from last week)
tuesday: spinach and feta pasta, (from Jen's blog)
wednesday: zucchini and corn nachos (and another from Jen's blog...what can I say? she has great taste!)
thursday: chili lime rice + tofu + sweet potatoes
friday: leftovers

I just realized these are ALL new dishes so fingers crossed for some winners!

Some verdicts from previous weeks? (my friend Jen does this and I love reading the updates on new dishes) 

The taco rolls from last week? They were OK. Probably not something I'll work in regularly as I didn't think the effort was worth the reward - not enough of an improvement from a regular taco/burrito but I suppose a great appetizer type of food. I will say I liked them MUCH better cold from the fridge the next day ;)

Also, the quinoa with corn and scallions from the week before...also just an "eh." There's potential but I have a couple of similar recipes in the queue so I probably won't mess around with trying to improve on this one.

I did pick up Cooking from the Garden from the library a couple of days ago. It's not strictly vegetarian fare but most recipes are and those that aren't could be adapted. Looks to have a ton of promising recipes so I'll more than likely be incorporating a couple into next week's menu.


  1. E- I double the veggies in the pasta and half the pasta. You are feeding a family of five though so maybe just double the veggies:) I like lots of veggies...I also cook the tomatoes by themselves (not adding in the mushrooms quite yet) for a bit because I like them a little softer then they allow for. Just wanted to give you my notes before you cooked it!!

  2. that chili lime rice sounds delish! yum!



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