eating this week

monday: leftovers (another concert night and we have quite a few options in the fridge to choose from)
tuesday:  samosas + parsley chutney, salad  (carried over from last week. again.)
wednesday: jalapeno corn soup + bread
thursday:  veggie nachos
friday: quinoa with corn & scalllions
saturday: tuscan pasta with tomato basil cream

and a couple of other things I want to try:
roasted cabbage (probably a lunch option some time this week...maybe with some brown rice)
energy bites (making a double batch so I can share with my dad!)


  1. hope you'll let me know how that corn soup is - sounds yummy!

    1. It's amazing - we've had it tons of times already! I just leave the raw jalapeno/onion salsa off the kids' bowls.

  2. rose dixon1:17 PM

    we made the samosas off your menu a few weeks ago - really good! not so sure why they make a parsley chutney to go with it instead of the traditional mint though.

    1. So glad you enjoyed them! I do like mint chutney but the parsley version that I had at a vegetarian restaurant a few months ago completely converted me.

  3. that roasted cabbage recipe is amazing. i love it so much. you'll have to let me know what you think. i always squeeze extra lemon juice on at the end and roast it much longer than the recipe says because i like it nice and soft.

    p.s. can i come over on saturday for supper? that sounds SO delish.

  4. Mmm, just printed the pasta recipe. Your weekly menus always sound so yummy!



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