eating this week

I had a rather ambitious menu last week as I thought we were all finally at the tail end of a 3 week period of passing respiratory/sinus/ear infections between the 5 of us. And we were kind of at the tail end it turns out but not close enough. We ended up with a couple of easy fill in nights and an unplanned carb-fest Friday and Saturday to celebrate finally being almost healthy and to stuff myself for my birthday. SO, a couple of carry-overs from last week sneaked into this week's menu.

monday: grilled cheese and veggies (fast and easy required tonight since we have a school concert)
tuesday: samosas + parsley chutney, salad
wednesday: broccoli-white bean soup (I add extra broccoli to this and only puree about half of the veggies)
thursday: pesto pasta with lemon, spinach, edamame & toasted almonds (new recipe)
friday: veggie meatballs w/ soy ginger glaze, egg noodles, veg
saturday:  black bean sliders


  1. I have been thinking of posting something like this to my blog. I love checking out Melanie's menu each week. I feel like it would be a nice way to keep track of what recipes we loved and were just okay. I'm going to bookmark at least a few of these for the upcoming month:)

  2. oh my gosh, yum! these sound so good!



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