A peek at the other hobby...

So, I've been knitting for a few months now and I love it so much. It's so relaxing and having the finished product to wear or give just makes me happy and fulfilled. Lots of people have asked to see some of my stuff and I finally broke down and took a couple of pictures. This is a simple project - haven't ventured out too much beyond scarves and bags and hats and such...I do have my first sweater on my needles now though so *hopefully* I'll have that to share here (I'm not guaranteeing anything though :p)

Jake asked me for a scarf so this will go into his Christmas stocking (the whole exchange from me to Santa could be tricky but I'm determined to make it work ;) A simple cabled pattern but I'm excited to see him wear it - he's been very excited since I started on it. Maybe I'll be able to whip up a matching hat before Sunday as well!

So, anyway, there you go. This is what has taken up my spare scrapbooking time as of late. I've whittled my in-progress projects from like 6 down to 2 so I'm proud of myself and ready to get started on something else!


  1. absolutely gorgeous E! i wish i knew how to knit...ah, well. one day when i'm 80 and i'm sitting on the front porch next to my neighbor because we finally live close enough to each other to sit on the porch together, she'll teach me how to knit. ;) i ordered the look book...got it today. i bow to your greatness. seriously. you rock.

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    simple? i think not.
    the cable stitch alone is complicated. i took a knitting
    class before sean was born and
    made him a sweater. i didn't
    know what i was having at the time, so it is a little feminine looking--he only wore it once ;)
    i would love to take up knitting again.
    once again, i wish we lived near each other...we'd have so much fun!

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    you know I have always wanted to learn to knit.
    maybe before I get old :P Hey...a new goal for 07 :)
    I love that scarf and that Jake wanted you to make him one :)

  4. yet another reason to heart you. I have been knitting for just a little over a year, and made a whole slew of gifts this year. I haven't tried cables yet. I'm afraid!
    I love making bags.

  5. Anonymous5:13 PM

    That scarf is beautiful, E! Wow! Is there anything you can't do? You are so crafty! ;) I definitely need to check out the "Look Book!"

  6. You should go to Kent, Shannon's friend's blog. She's a scrapbooker and a knitter. I'm always amazed at what she does!

  7. Looks wonderful...love the cable. I am also knitting...haven't done it in years and working on a sweater...doing the sleeves now..but it is taking longer than I anticipated...I am looking forward to doing some felted projects..want to make some clogs..and a purse, and oh, a bunch of other things. Would love to see your other projects! Have fun!

  8. DUDE! That scarf rocks! I love that Jake wanted you to knit him one...that's so awesome. Now I want to learn to knit:) Maybe when I come out you can show me...

  9. Anonymous3:26 PM

    i love to knit. it is very relaxing

  10. All the cool kids knit... That's for sure! Merry Christmas!!!


  11. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I just bought my first needles and just need to find time to get my friend to get me started! She gave me a scarf for Christmas and I want to learn so bad now!



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