think I can do it?

I'm gonna try it. And for those 4 people who still check my blog out on a regular basis, you know it would be quite the feat if I pulled it off :p I'm going to *try* (and those asterisks indicate an emphasis on the "try" part) to do a blog entry a day for the month of December...well, at least up until the Christmas part of December.

SO. Today. Today I put up the tree. Normally, it would have gone up over the weekend but the boys got sick. And they're still sick but today is the first day of December! have to have the tree up so we can put on the ornaments I made for my advent calendar journal. It was strenuous. It took at LEAST three minutes. I'm not kidding. I'm spent. But it was worth it. Zack just told me "I love ye tree, mom" (yup, mom. my 2 year old is already past mommy...tear :(


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    dude..l.if you think you can do it I'm so going to have to try. REALLY good to see you posting. I'll send you an email nand let you know what's been up lately:) Snowing there yet???;)

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Yay! What a nice holiday gift to all of your loyal blog readers! ;) You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! Love the sweet tree and your advent calendar journal rocked! Hope your little dudes get to feeling better soon!! :)

  3. Check you out in Beta blogger n' all. Nice looking tree, and WTG, I'd NEVER be able to put ours up in my own.

  4. I count myself as one of your loyal readers....I think you probably have more than 4 ;)

    anyways, I'm rooting for you!

  5. oooh a new post! yea! I am so envious that you got your tree up already. I want mine now, but it would probably be dead if we get any warm weather and we dont need a fire hazard for baby's first Christmas ;)

  6. Anonymous8:48 AM

    So happy you got your tree up! I am hoping we can next week sometime. So crazy now with Nutcracker in full swing :P

    I'm counting on you now....a post a day :)

  7. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Tapping foot and waiting...

    It is offically December 2nd and I see no new post. You still have 7 hours and 25 minutes though. I'll be checking up on you. :)

  8. Anonymous9:39 PM

    so excited to see this, e!
    i will be checking daily
    for updates.
    miss you...
    thinking of you!

  9. i hope the boys are feeling better!

  10. finally...geez. You know I have been checking your blog like everyday and nothing. Now when I don't chek it is 3 days of posts...grrr :) So glad to see you posting again!



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