December 2nd...

I can see already that you guys won't allow me to miss a day :) That's good...I need to be held accountable!

So, no Christmas prep today really other than rigging up a fancy card display...I'll take a picture when it's a bit more presentable (awaiting a 2peas order :)) I did put some serious thought into my Christmas card though, so that counts for something, right? I still need to get a picture of the boys but poor dears with their snotty noses and runny eyes - maybe not the best time to torture them with the camera.

I've been filling my days with logo design and knitting. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to bring in a little extra money doing some design work. Plus, it gives me the chance to ogle some seriously amazing photographs. And the knitting. Oh I love the knitting. My new obsession is knitting blogs. I must say I'm fairly certain that knitting blogs have the scrapbooking blogs beat in terms of sheer numbers. And there are some talented and creative women out there. And they enable as well as scrapbookers with their talk of yarn and books and needles :) Someday, I'll take some pictures of the knitting I've done. Hats and scarves and bags mainly but I just started my first sweater this week...pretty sure this project will either completely solidify my love for the hobby or send me into hair-pulling fits. Fingers crossed for the former! Any knitters out there? I need a go-to for questions!

Oh, and the scrapbooking...not too much of that unfortunately. I'm pretty sure the only stuff I've done in the past month has been for the Garden (which was oh-so-delicious when it bloomed yesterday...check it if you haven't yet!) Hoping to squeeze in some fun stuff for me this month (should probably shop and stuff first though, huh?)

OK, my day 2 update. And one more thing I have to mention. I'm 100% positive that my friend Joanna is bar-none, the most generous and thoughtful girl around. Don't you agree? Not too mention sweet, and funny and mom to a couple of amazing kiddos. Love to Joanna this weekend :)


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    just got home from "stealing" Katie (I took her earlier than I should have :O) from NC and was giving you one last shot ;) LOL!
    I do not knit but have been dying to learn. My girls do some and have no "go to" person....of course, you asked FOR somebody....not for me to go on and on and on again about how I don't knit :P
    Have a great night :)

  2. I agree -- Joanna is pretty much Da-bomb.

  3. sorry it took awhile to post a comment, i passed out from the fact that you remembered how to blog. =) i have a slight bruise on my face, but i think it just adds character.

  4. Anonymous1:44 AM

    now...I haven't wanted to learn how to knit but Nathan does...he's also the one who knows how to sew. Guess I know who had the more informative mom growing up:)

  5. Anonymous3:09 PM

    My Grandma tried to teach me to knit as a girl but gave up frustrated b/c I'm a leftie, and she's not. :p
    My neighbour and good friend is an amazing knitter and has much more patience, so she's going to teach me after Christmas. I hope it won't be as frustrating for her, lol!


  6. Hey you dork!! Sooooo glad to see you posting every day - that is awesome!! You're so sweet! Thank you. : ) By the way, I think a snotty nose Christmas pic would be accurate but I also agree that it might not be the most holiday-ish....funny, though. ; )



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