day...aww hell, I have no clue - 14, right?

So, the first day I missed a post, there was a little guilt...I mean, those last couple of posts I was really forcing anyway (you noticed, no?) but when I laid down to sleep, I fret about the missing post. Wondered if any of my loyal readers were sitting in front of their computer, intently refreshing every 30 seconds or so waiting for the heavens to open up and the angels to sing the refrains of blog wonderfulness.The second night, there was still a fleeting thought as I closed my eyes. The little voice in my ear telling me that "you are a FAILURE at the daily blog post." I quickly shut that voice up though...she hasn't been back since. Bottom line, I shouldn't make promises I can't keep :p

Let's pretend the last few days didn't happen, shall we?

I'm currently shopping (online, that is.) Tomorrow is my deadline. What has not been purchased by tomorrow must be in real life. Heh. When I typed "in real life," I heard it like a TV announcer was reading it in that booming voice right in my ear...like he was actually giving a little tug on the lobe to allow the soundwaves to *really* penetrate my cerebellum (can't type cerebellum without snickering either...any Dane Cook fans?) It echoes...it haunts me.

I'm on the Lego site...did you know that you can build something online with 3D techno legos and they will ship you the kit of legos necessary to construct it IN REAL LIFE...yeah, that's a time sucker :p In the end, I'm just going with a big old tub-o-blocks though...something that will stretch their burgeoning imaginations...something that will imprint tiny circles in the soles of my feet as I tiptoe to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That's good stuff right there.

My cards are millimeters from being dropped in the mailbox - tomorrow, they will be gone...I'm itching at the thought of dropping those suckers into the great blue abyss. One more tick mark on my to-do list! I would go off on a CVS rant right now but it's not good for me to get all stressed out right before bed. Bottom line, don't make the mistake of ordering your Christmas photos from there :p

I also made one of these tonight. I chose much more festive papers though..some fine double sided KI goodness. It was a nice little diversion and the boys think I am the most talented mom on earth :) Mine is fairly large but I'm thinking about making some teeny ones for the tree tomorrow...finished a project for the new Garden and did a little scrappy shopping too. Ate dinner (out! gasp!) with dear husband and braved Target (who am I kidding...I freaking LOVE Target!)

Finally, while driving home tonight from grandma and grandpa's house, we discussed the menu for Christmas Eve...not *us* but Santa and even moreso, the reindeer. Jake doesn't think cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer are suitable. Instead, he thinks the reindeer need sloppy joes. And chicken nuggets...always thinking, that kid. Also, the new addition to our bedtime routine, after reading a book, jake's hand puppet (who seems to be with him ALL THE TIME) takes a deep bow and says "ladies & gentlemen...goodnight" followed by a supreme flourish. man I love that kid!


  1. We are having a legos/star wars Christmas -- it's a shocker, but true.
    I am getting C a digital camera though, he's gonna LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    well it's about time :P You *know* I watch with bated breath for a new post from you ;) LOL!

    I love the Jake picture and story!
    and my dh told J that Santa likes meatloaf, to which he replied, well then, *you* can give him meatloaf, but *I* am giving him cookies....and mommmy, what are *you* going to give him?".

  3. Yay, glad to see you posting again, about time!! lol

  4. ok...how did you know I was refreshing every 39 seconds...went days without sleep...waiting for an Erica post....anyway....LOL. Glad to see you posting and I just ordered the last of the "online" stuff too...now I have to go out for the rest:P

  5. So there you are ... (tapping foot) ... I've been wondering about you! ;) Hee hee! So glad you joined us again! Your loyal readers were about to send some search dogs to look for your behind! ;) That snowflake is SO cool and well, I totally think that Santa and the reindeer would love sloppy joes! Who doesn't! Such cute kids you have! Hugs!! :)

  6. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Are you sure you weren't sneaking a little egg nog Thursday night? ; ) Love the thoughts on Legos. Little circles on the soles. Heh, heh.



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