this must be getting boring for you all...

It's still the 8th...by 7 minutes...so I haven't broken my streak :)

Just up working on some logos and stuff - trying desperately to get caught up so I can enjoy a couple of job-free weeks. Finished up some kits to be released mid-month at 2peas today as well...simple stuff but hopefully something that a few people will be able to put to use!

I also got my 2Peas goodies today so I got a little more decorating done. No pics yet but I'll try to get some over the weekend (trust me, it's nothing spectacular :p)

Going to FINALLY get these boys out of the house tomorrow for a bit - we've all been sick and I don't think they poor things have been out anywhere since Thanksgiving! Some fresh air will do them good. Going to breakfast with my family to celebrate my step-moms birthday (Happy Birthday, Michelle!)

That's about it today - just playing catch up. Oh, I also got the supplies for my Christmas cards today (thanks, dad) so *hopefully* those will be ready to mail out Monday!

I feel like I'm living the tortoise and the hare story...like I'm the tortoise and Christmas is the Hare and I'll just beat the damn rabbit out my millimeters on December 24th :p Ever feel that way?


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Yes, I TOTALLY have that totoise/hare feeling.. ack! I have nothing at all done, and I mean nothing! But I refuse to get stressed out about it..as long as the tree's up and there's a few presents under it, it's all good. ;) Now, off to shop!


  2. Anonymous12:46 PM

    me too me too!
    I am so far behind this year and the money issues are making it a bit more stressful.
    We did manage to go out this morning and do a bit of shopping so I don't have as much to do. Thank goodness!
    I'm happy to hear you are all feeling a bit better. Stay healthy!!

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Man oh man were you cutting it close! ;) Glad the streak continues! Hope you have a fabulous day and that you ALL are feeling better! :)

  4. OMG you totally put the feeling into words.
    I AM the tortoise, and losing badly right now.
    hope you had fun in the out of doors!

  5. i love your analogies. it's one of my most favorite qualities about you. =)

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM

    So I stop checking your blog since you never update and I come back to find I missed like 8 entries?!! And you're knitting?!! How cool are you, the tomboy who knits.

  7. I'm feeling you somewhat on the Christmas thing...more like will I get everything shipped in time though:)

  8. Anonymous9:55 PM

    wow, you've a busy blogger, teehee. i'd just about given up on you, LOL! hope you catch up to christmas, i'm feeling the exact same way...and pretty soon, it'll all be over, yikes!



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