and it's started...

I shopped today. Two different online retailers have some of my money now :p I've got a long way to go but it feels so GOOD to have a start at least! And I got good deals. And money in the boys' Upromise accounts (Ashley? Hmmmmm?)

I also knocked out a couple of jobs. I've decided not to take on any more work until after the new year...just get caught up on what I have and then concentrate on *enjoying* the rest of the season. I feel really good about that decision.

I ALSO got started on my cards. keeping them simple but again, relieved just to have a start on them. Still no wreath because every time I ask Carlos where it is, he tells me he knows and will get it for me...still waiting ;)

Tomorrow is a big day for us but I'll share more about that tomorrow night...have to ensure I have a steady flow of info to share!

Email caught up? Check.
Dishes, dinner, laundry? Check.
Jake still sleeping from his afternoon nap? Check. Damn...it's almost 7. This does not bode well for my evening!

Oh, and that cute little tree chipboard thingy? From Shannon's awesome debut digi kit at 2Peas - serious cuteness there!


  1. Will you make my cards, too??

    Can't wait to hear the big news!

  2. I also would like to know if you are going to make my cards:):) I'm store bought all the way;)

    What is the BIG news...???????

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Can't wait to see your cards! Oh, and congrats on three days in a row! I knew you could do it! ;)

  4. Haha, for a minute I thought Shannon M. was designing digitally.
    Way to keep the suspense up, now I feel obligated to read tomorrow. :)

  5. So I'm getting in late on this December blog-a-thon, but thank goodness! It's good to see MORE from you, ahem.

    If you're so caught up you can do some of MY stuff, since I am completely slammed and stressed and whatnot. ACK!

  6. Ok, waiting on the big news....

  7. congrats on posting again, oh and on starting your Christmas shopping! Quite a good feeling huh? :)



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