this one's about Jake...

On the fifth day, she did nothing Christmasy...well, she did finish a tiny bit of shopping for a little Secret Santa action that needs to be mailed ASAP...and moved a couple of things this way a tidge and a couple of things that way a smidge on the Christmas card.

Other than that though...nada.

Thanks to everyone for the nice words and congratulations on C's job sitch. It's a very good thing for him and our family.

I'm getting close to finishing up all of my EHD jobs so that's a good feeling...working on a couple of kits to be released mid-month at 2Peas (that cute felt star is from one of my November releases...Fancy Little Christmas and the font is called Enchanted Prairie Dog - how could anyone pass up a font name like that?)

But enough about all of that...this one is about Jake.

Seriously man, this kid can be sweet.as.pie. And he has been just really, really good since he started recovering from this nasty virus they've both been fighting off...guess he's just grateful to be feeling a little more like his old self. A funny from the bad part of the sickness though...while taking a fever induced nap on the couch a few days ago, he sang the entire Oobi song WITH accompanying hand motions in his sleep. That my friends, takes talent.

Night everyone...tomorrow, I'll pick a winner for the AL book :)


  1. very nice post E:) What a little sweetie:)

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Aw, that is so sweet! Love that, E! :)

  3. I see that kid's name in lights soon. :)

  4. I couldn't see the pix. Feel like I'm being cheated.

  5. Aww...so can't wait for Landon to start talking. Hope he's 1/2 as sweet as Jake.

  6. i'm glad jake is feeling better. we love oobi here too...well, jenna loves oobi anyway. she's had a fever thing going on for two days and she was singing happy birthday dear daddyyyyyy on the couch the other day while she was dozing. it was cute and weird all at the same time. =) hugs to the kiddos and to you sweetie!



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