has anyone seen my Christmas spirit?

It's December 18th and it *still* hasn't shown up...which is a bummer because despite my annual mad-dash-to-get-everything-done-in-time, I still REALLY love the holiday season. So this weekend, I really put a conscious effort into locating my lost spirit. I'm closer, but still not there.

I changed my banner ^ up there, see? Actually the whole blog...a little brighter because even *I* was having a hard time looking at it after awhile...I can only assume you guys were too - you all are so polite :)

I made this my new desktop background.

I got this in an email from a sweet friend and listened to the choir for 20 minutes and then I found this site with a list of streaming Christmas music...I've been listening every time I work :) My fave so far is KOIT San Francisco...right now, Bruce Springsteen is telling me that the E Street band is getting a new saxophone from Santa this Christmas. Love iTunes radio!

I mailed my cards and finished my shopping except for stocking stuffers. I watched A Christmas Story and Elf. (FYI...the guy that plays Ralphie in A Christmas Story *also* has a bit part in Elf...I'm sure your day is complete with that bit of useless trivia!) A friendly and timely reminder that today is the last day you can order one of these in time for Christmas delivery!

Oh yeah, AND we saw Santa on Saturday. The big guy was slightly less than enthused but the boys didn't seem to notice...*too* much. Took z a little while to warm up but it's a decent picture. Jake told Santa he'd "open all your presents...I'll RIP the paper!" and was talking about the wrapped boxes that made up the photo backdrop :p

(photo corner from Rhonna's Snowflakes kit)

Anyway, I'm working on the whole spirit thing. On this week's agenda? Cookies. And wrapping. And assignments. And getting ready for the new year (backing pictures up, filing, site updates...basically, getting ready to make a fresh start in the new year!)

Happy Monday!


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Love the new banner:D I am almost done shopping, have my work Christmas Potluck today, Nate's last Friday night, Alex's school program tomorrow night...and endless other things too...maybe you've seen my Christmas spirit also??? I sometimes wonder if I got all my shopping done in like July if I would just be able to sit back and enjoy the Christmas season:P I'll have to try that sometime.

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    The blog is looking good.. nice & bright and festive. ;) And I'm not in the Xmas spirit either... It doesn't help that there's no snow, and it's 50F here!
    Glad you liked the link.. very soothing on the old nerves huh?? :p I still have a ton of shopping, baking and cleaning to do,and I work the rest of the week, so I have today only to get it all finished. Hahahahaha.


  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Lovin' the new banner, girl! I think I'll be singing that the rest of the day! Love the cute picture with Santa! I'm with ya on finding the Christmas spirit! I think this move kind of zapped all of my energy and so if you find yours can you spare a little? ;) I think we might actually get some snow in the next few days so I hope that helps! I just can't believe another year has come and gone! Well, you have a Happy Monday too, chica! :)

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    hey you!
    love the new look and the cool banner.
    i need to get in the spirit too...been too stressed out lately.
    i need to relax--it will all get done!
    love the photo of the boys with Santa--hoping to do that on Wednesday!

  5. Love the new banner.
    S was SO scared of Santa the only words he said to him was bye-bye... woudln't get anywhere near the big fellow.
    Word on the street he's coming on a fire engine in a few days to Drew's school party -- we'll see if that enhances his excitement.

  6. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Santa looks like he's been nipping at the eggnog, if you ask me.

    My Christmas spirit took yours to Cancun, I think...I can't find mine either!

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I *love* the new look and the picture :)
    and as I have mentioned....my spirit is lost somewhere too :(
    It's in the air....*SO* many people are feeling the same! I will blame it on "Global warming" :)
    How are you backing up photos? Gotta know :)
    and LOL on that lamp! Thinking of Johnny for that one :P
    Hugs E!!

  8. Anonymous9:19 PM

    sounds like you're getting there. i'm sure the spirit will find you soon :) love the new banner, great colors. and what's with those grumpy santas?! we went to one too & he was just as unenthused?! lol.

  9. somedays I have it and somedays I don't. I think I need to make some christmas cookies. They should cure any malaise!

  10. I am loving the new banner... The boys look like they are in the Christmas spirit...and I am sure that when the time is right...the magic will be with you, and I am sure you will hear the ringing of the silver bell from the Polar Express!!

  11. love the new banner, loved it on your christmas card, which i got in the mail today. addressed to me, telling me that i'm still fantabulous and i'm so glad because i had *almost* forgotten how great i really am. ha ha. loved your card. you should do design work for a living. =) here's an elf tip: print notes in calligraphy, pretty stuff is nice...feeling festive yet? love ya!



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