I'm procrastinating...

So, I thought I'd post :)

I finished my first garment over the weekend (whoohoo!) The baby sweater from Greetings from the Knit Cafe (which, if I haven't mentioned before...is just such a pretty book BUT there are a lot of pattern errors so if you have it or get it, check here for the errata)

Started: Um...so long ago I can't even remember...January, maybe?)
Finished: May 26, 2007
Yarn: Knitpicks Elegance in Oatmeal
Needles: Size 5 Options

There are a couple of errors - especially along the neckline, but overall, I'm very pleased. I love the stitch pattern and the sweater itself is super soft. Can't wait to see it *on* a baby! (and no, not mine :p)

Hmmm, what else? The sock was ripped out and restarted from the cuff end but no pictures yet. Next post :)

Carlos and I watched a movie the other night - Apocalypto. I know Mel Gibson is not the most popular guy around right now but the movie itself is amazing. I didn't know what it was about when we started watching it but I was seriously holding my breath the entire movie - HIGHLY recommend it! It is sub-titled throughout but after the first few minutes, you don't even realize you're reading anymore. In fact the last movie I watched before this one was Pan's Labyrinth - also sub-titled and also incredible. Watch both of them if you get a chance!

And tonight we're having Ikea meatballs for dinner which means my stash will be depleted which means I need to go to Ikea again soon :)

OK, procrastination over. Now I'll get lots done, right? RIGHT??


  1. Your sweater is the twin of mine!!
    I love Ikea meatballs-maybe I will make some for the kids tonight!

  2. such a gorgeous sweater!
    Ikea meatballs huh? I had no idea there was such a thing!

  3. Anonymous4:05 PM

    that sweater is GORGEOUS E! wow. Love the ties. And the pics are fabulous too :)

  4. Anonymous9:44 PM

    look at you with the knitting, what a gorgeous sweater! and those ikea meatballs...yummy...wish we had an ikea nearby, i miss them!
    hope you've been well :-)

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    the fact that you knit is way cool. the fact that you knitted that precious baby sweater is even cooler! and making ikea meatballs? wow. you leave me speechless. :) (seriously, what are ikea meatballs?)

  6. Anonymous1:27 PM

    okay, where do i even start?
    you are impressed by my tote bag? HA! it doesn't even stand a chance next to this sweater.
    oh my word...it is amazing!
    you so rock beyond words.

  7. Anonymous1:28 PM

    oh i forgot to ask...where is that darling stitched circle from? do you do that?
    i LOVE it!

  8. Erica, wow!! You are SO goooooood! That is such a darling little sweater!!!

    Ikea makes meatballs? I didn't know they sold food... or am I being stupid here, let me know?! haha!

  9. ikea meatballs are the best :)

    love the cutie little sweater!
    especially because you did it in oatmeal!

  10. Anonymous5:44 PM

    so, if i have a baby, you'll like knit them a sweater and stuff, right? seriously, put this thing or the next one on etsy - i'd buy it in a new york minute. what does that mean anyway? what i'm trying to say is that i'd buy it super fast. :)

  11. so, now I know who to go to for all my knitting needs when I have a baby...oh wait...my husband knits LOL!! Although not as well as you do;)

  12. Anonymous6:11 AM

    i have that book erica, and it is a good one. i knitted the beret in alpaca silk. love it. you are right there are lots or error, but the photography is GOOD!



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