a worthy cause and my embarrassment for the day

I stumbled upon this site the other day and thought it was brilliant. A testament to the caring community that scrapbookers and digital designers have created.

The premise is that each month, a digital designer will create a kit. All of the proceeds from the sale of the kit (after Paypal fees) will be donated to a different charity each month. This kit is obviously gorgeous but because this month, all monies will be donated to the American Diabetes Association, I knew I absolutely had to purchase it.

Both my mom and my sister are dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. My mom, since I was a teenager and my sister, just a few months ago. Both are dealing with it well and thriving but it's not an easy road and every advancement towards eliminating the disease puts them one step closer to better health and longevity.

So, I thought it only fitting that I use the kit to do a layout about my mom. And in the process, I realized that I need more pictures of her because this one is almost a year old! And my sister, yup, her too. That will be a priority the next time I see both of them. Everything you see here is in the kit so if you're a digital scrapper or digi-interested, check it out!

Speaking of my mom, today was the first day of the cardio/strength training class we decided to take together (aka, my embarrassment for the day)

We walked in at 9 am and discovered that the class was comprised of about 15 senior citizens and us. We thought we were in the wrong class. We *asked* if there was another class. We know that the class wasn't listed as a specifically senior class and yet, there we were. I joked to my mom as we were about to start "gee, hope I can keep up!" hardy har har. Guess what. I couldn't. Those old ladies KICKED MY ASS. I had to take a breather because I got a little light headed. I have a long list of excuses...I was doing the full moves while most of the students were doing modified versions according to their abilities...I just got over a sinus infection and my equilibrium is a bit off still...I didn't have anything for breakfast but a cup of coffe (Kona, the good stuff :D). Excuses aside, I'm just out of shape! Apparently the cardio I've been doing the past few weeks did nothing to prepare me for the strength training aspect. I'm sore. And in more ways than one...kind of bruises the ego to have someone twice your age console you after class and reassure you that "it will get easier."

It will get easier. I can laugh about it. Try not to laugh too hard *at* me.

Oh, and if you haven't had a chance, check out the new Garden Girls at 2peas...all excellent choices in my opinion! I'm excited to see what they come up with!

Later gators!


  1. hahahahaha...

    just kidding...I've been in one of those classes a couple of times...really puts things into perspective, LOL.

  2. beautiful page!!!

    I love that kit too!

  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Erica-love the page and what a cool concept! Your exercise story had me giggling. I just hired a personal trainer- with money I've been saving up for a while. I am sure I am going to totally feel your pain.

  4. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Oh, that is too, too funny!

  5. Anonymous8:38 AM

    i'm not laughing...hahahahahahahaha...no, really, i'm done...hahahahahaha...okay...hahahahahahaha...okay, i've gotten it all out now...hahahahah.can't.breathe.hahahahahahahahahaha

    seriously, the page rocks and what a great cause! don't worry, those old ladies won't kick your ass for long. :)

  6. I'm.trying.not.to.laugh.
    My ass has been kicked by many an old lady. Pathetic!!
    Love the Lo about your Mom.

  7. Anonymous6:54 AM


    I love the page :)

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    love the colors and design on this one, miss e.

  9. love this layout...sweet!
    Good for you on taking the class...even if you did get your butt kicked ;)

  10. thanks for the link :)

    that page is gorgeous!!! i love the details.

  11. Anonymous9:05 AM

    My friend took a similar class with her mom...it was water aerobics. They now call it the Cocoon class. They keep expecting Wilford Brimley or Jessica Tandy to show up.

    Love your page!

  12. Love that beautiful layout and too funny about those old ladies whopping your butt! ;)

  13. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Hey Erica...it's been awhile, huh! Nice to catch up on you. Thanks for sharing the site...I'll have to check it out some more. I've always been interested in digi stuff, but have been too lazy, so far, to dabble in it further. And too funny about the cardio class. Hope things get a bit easier for ya! ;)

  14. So, I'm dying to know, did you survive the 2nd class? Since you haven't posted and all....

  15. And, I am dying to know how your mom did.....you realize that there are a few "old ladies" that love your blog...:)...at least there is one that I know!
    Loved your journaling about your mom....so special and so true...we do worry too much!



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