the Thursday good list :)

Pistons 95 Bulls 85
(Pistons take the series)
photo from Getty Images

Can't be too happy about the Wings performance tonight but at least they split their 2 games in Anaheim.

Zack singing 'don't you want me, BAbeeee? don't you want me OHHHHohohoh' thanks to this commercial

listening to this CD that I've been meaning to pick up forever and finally did today. It is oh-so-lovely, I must say :)

Finding out that although this 0 calorie Nestle water isn't exactly the same as the kiwi strawberry snapple I lived on in high school, it's still pretty damn good! (hm, must be new as this flavor isn't listed on their site yet)

being just one workout shy of my yarn purchase!

Jake in this t shirt

and Zack in his 'ladies man' t shirt (saying 'I a WAdies man' :) so stinkin' cute!) He can also wink pretty well and I fully expect him to master a wolf whistle as his next feat of machismo.

2 more sleeps until Carlos and the boys get to see Darth Vader in person (trust me when I say the Darth Vader conversation around here is nothing less than incessant the past couple of days :p) One of Carlos' co-workers dresses as DV at conventions as a side gig apparently :p Fun stuff!

Guess that's enough for tonight. Hope your Thursday was as good as mine :)


  1. go E!
    Evan has that tshirt, and wears it as often as I wash it. He is totally going to be a stuntman when he grows up!

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    love all these links, e!
    woohoo on only one more workout before the yarn purchase.
    go e!
    i'm bummed too about the hockey game last night...especially that they tied it up and then had a chance to go ahead with that 5 on 3...it's painful!
    i think they can do it.
    i'm hoping our Sabres can do it tomorrow.
    have a great weekend!

  3. congrats on being so close to the yarn...I wish I had goals to get me the things that I want!
    Love the shirts! The WAdies man thing is hilarious!

  4. Anonymous9:15 PM

    sounds like good times all around! WAHOO - almost yarn time, baby, so proud of you!



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