Where to begin, where to begin...I feel like I've been going constantly the past few days but really just spinning my wheels and not getting a lot accomplished.

Friday I did get my tenth workout in. Ordered the sock yarn that afternoon and received it on Monday looking and smelling completely lovely. So, yesterday, despite have approximately 10-12 layouts and projects due for various deadlines by the end of the month, and the temperature being 87 degress, I did what any logical person would and cast on my first sock. I totally jacked up the toe shaping but I'm going to knit a little more into the foot before I decide if it's worth ripping out and starting over. I ended up ordering this yarn and I love the colorway. She wound it for me, shipped it fast and tucked in a little sachet so when I opened the envelope it smelled divine. Highly recommend her if you need some sock yarn!

I'm also almost done with the baby sweater but I had to order one more skein of yarn...should be here any day and then I will FINALLY have a completed sweater under my belt! I also snuck in some yarn for this but won't be casting on until I finish at least one of the other two sweaters I'm working on ;)

I have 16 miters completed for a total of 4 (of 16) squares. That's just a here and there project though so I'm not too worried about finishing that in a hurry...some mitery goodness:

(and yes, I'm quite fond of Katie's photo frames)

I've added a little workout tally to the sidebar so I can keep track of my progress...next indulgence? A facial. I've always wanted one so 12 more workouts and it's mine :)

Today is one of the 4 daycare days the boys get each month (superhero day - hurrah!) so I'll have my nose to the grindstone all day playing catch up and *hopefully* enjoying a nice thunderstorm in a bit! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Family Guy clip last night - I knew I couldn't be the only one that could relate! Happy weekend!



  1. Pretty-ful pics (as my daughter would say)! I finally ordered Mason-Dixon knitting - should, SHOULD be here today. GOnna' hold off on the socks. It's summer, and I don't even wear socks! Besides, the Miter blanket is calling my name.

  2. K, how did you work it out to get 4 daycare days a month?
    That rocks.

  3. beautimus yarn!
    Yeah you, workin' out girl! you rock!
    I haven't started a sock from the toe end. Hmmm....

  4. oh I love the colors! Those are going to be some beautiful socks!

  5. So you'll be the owner of socks people will have the desire to sniff?

    You are really making me want to learn how to knit. Seriously.

  6. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Those socks look divine, but the miters look even more so. I'm liking those story boards a lot. Perhaps I may have to download some of those and go hybrid. *snicker*

  7. Anonymous1:51 PM

    i finished my scarf yesterday - wahooo! project one - check. i'm already into the throes of project 2 which is the matching hat. then it's mittens and a bag that they're teaching at my local store that's divine. and of course, socks. so many projects, too little times!

  8. yummy, yummy colors and be-autiful photos! love the vintage frames, too!

  9. I was just eyeing the Mason Dixon knitting...almost got it but spent my money on Martha Stewart scrap stuff instead...next time...I AM LOVING that blanket...those pics may make me pick up the needles again (in my spare time;) )



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