people are stupid

So the other day, it POURED. And I loved it...because a good thunderstorm makes me happy. And then, the next day, this happened:

Carlos: Did you take the boys out to play yesterday and leave the cover off the sandbox?
Erica: Um, no, why?
Carlos: Because the cover...it's off the sandbox.

So, me, being of the curious nature I am, go and look out the window. And the freaking cover is off the sandbox. And the toys are scattered all over the lawn. And the boys' little ride on truck is moved and the door is open. And I'm angry and feeling a little violated because some little cretin was playing with my boys' stuff and didn't even bother to put it away and ruined all our sand. Probably the same kid that owns the cat that likes to take a crap in our sandbox when the LID IS LEFT OFF.

Fast forward two days to today. I'm having a nice visit with my sister and my nephew and someone yells through the front screen:


And so, I go to the door. Because that is the natural response to a visitor. And then this:

Erica: Hello?
Skanky woman: Hi, I just moved in next door and this is my son. He's really bored, can he play in your backyard?
Erica: Well, a couple of days ago someone played in our yard and left the toys all over and didn't put the lid back on the sandbox and now, our sand is totally gross. I don't know if it was your son or not but the sand is ruined now.
Nasty wench: Oh, it wasn't my son. You weren't playing in their yard, were you? (wink, wink)
Son (who I have no beef with): Yes, I was.
Rude ho: So, he can't play back there?
Erica: I'd really rather not have kids playing in our yard. No. Thanks.

OK. A few things:
1. Your
kid admitted it was him. Tell him to apologize. Apologize yourself. Ask if you can replace the sand. Show me something, anything, that proves you're not a complete waste.
2. You have a bored kid. You live ONE BLOCK from a school (and it is well after school is over for the day. It's gorgeous out...walk him down to the school and let him play on the playground!
3. If you don't know that your 5/6 year old has been playing in someone elses yard long enough to destroy it, I doubt you're going to be the type of person that takes responsibility when your unsupervised child gets hurt in *my* yard.

OK, vent over. And I'm not as upset as this post may lead you to believe...trying to make light of the situation because her behavior just kinda irritated me. (ps, skanky woman, nasty wench and rude ho were all portrayed by the same woman :p)

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day :) If you're in the MI area, come see me do make and takes at The Scrapbook Zone. If you're not - don't forget to make some time to spend at 2Peas - tons of activities and chats and giveaways planned (I'll be hosting chat from 9-10 EST so stop by!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL, and I'm not laughing AT you, but WITH you. That's all you can do when something like this happens. Don't sweat it, but keep in mind your 3 realizations are spot on and you probably shouldn't trust her one whit.

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    why oh why oh why can't I live in MI today? :P ;) LOL!

    and I wouldn't have let him play in my hard....now or ever! The nerve!

  3. dude...you almost made me spit out my Lucky Charms...how rude some people are...I would never let Alex play in someone else's yard nor would I ask. people are crazy.

  4. Who asks if their kid can play in your yard?
    Perhaps those kind of freaks are afraid of me....

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    If you move out to the middle of the country and your next-door-neighbors live 1/4 mile away, you don't have to worry about stuff like this. It also helps if your next-door-neighbors are your in-laws.

  6. LOL - so glad I was there to witness this. She was crazy, I can vouch for you. And the more I think about this, the weirder I think the whole thing is. People freak me out sometimes.

    Hope you're squeezing a little bit of fun into your busy weekend!

  7. When I heard this story in person, you never once described her as a 'skanky ho'. It really makes the story. :)

  8. Anonymous3:35 PM

    ooooh, i would be beyond irate. so not cool. not cool at all.

  9. Ugh. I cannot stand folks like that. That poor child. I mean, to have a Mama like that? That kid is going to need some serious therapy when he's older. I'll pray for him. ;) Hope your Sunday has been great!

  10. hehehe! That is so rude of her! What do you need now - a lock for the sandbox?? At least the kid was honest!

  11. Anonymous2:53 PM

    what a hoochie! wow. i am just flabbergasted. some people.

    hope you had a happy NSD! =)

  12. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I like that julie said 'hoochie' I'm totally thinking that also! What a RUDE hoochie!!! that would have ticked me off royal.

    and hey...twas good to see you saturday!

  13. e you are too funny!! I would be PO'd too, not so much at the kid but the parent...be a parent for peets sake!! Pretty bummed I couldn't make it to The Zone on sat, I am sure it was crazy busy!

  14. oooh nasty! I cant believe people can be so irresponsible.
    Sounds like the same mom lives next door to me...the one that watches her teenage boys jump the hedge in to my yard to play on my lawn, or the one that I have talked to about her son jumping his skateboard right next to the window where the baby I have worked for an hour and a half to get to sleep is sleeping...me, bitter? maybe a little ;)

  15. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hey E! That is one scary neighbor woman you got there! Thanks for the coolio make-n-take you did at in The Zone during our Anniversary/NSD celebration. You are the bomb! See you soon and let's set a crop date sometime soon! Kelley (from The Zone-who can't remember her google/blogger id) and is to lazy to figure it out...



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