yearbook time

Each year, I volunteer to do the yearbook pages for the boys' classrooms - the page opposite to the one that shows the regular school photos. The past two years I've been assigned Jake's class but this year, I requested Zack's specifically (he was feeling rather left out.) We are wide open as to what we create but it's a given that there is a pretty wide range of pages in the end. Which is great because so many people get to participate but it also drives my anal, OCD side a bit nuts. But I digress...

In other years, I've done my own thing basically creating a scrapbook page that included a number of group shots and candids I've taken and collected. This year though, I spotted this idea (via Pinterest, obviously) and knew immediately that I wanted to copy it.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do the speech bubble...I didn't want to purchase one and thought about just having the kids holding a black cardstock bubble and adding their response after the fact through the magic of photoshop. Wandering through Staples one day though I spotted the foam core and immediately realized that was my solution. I freehand drew the bubble, cut it out with my trusty exacto and painted it with a few coats of chalkboard paint (seriously, this can has lasted through SO many different projects! What a bargain purchase that was.)

I added the film edge frame to each shot. I customized it with the year, school and teacher info but that was probably for naught as I don't think it'll be apparent when the book is printed.

The finished product (sorry about the lame face hiding)

and a close up snap of Zack (you can see the edge a bit more here)


  1. gamer is my favorite one.
    so much.
    you are brilliant.

  2. you. are. AWESOME.

  3. Wow this is the most clever idea ever (I say that a lot here)

    You will love to hear that I bought a chalkboard speech bubble from Photojojo a while ago for under $20, and Target has them for sale for $12 right now (hee).

    And! After reading about Cathy Zielske advising her kids' yearbook this year it got me thinking that scrapbook ladies would do a heck of a lot better job than your average big box generic yearbook company. Board of directors? ; )

  4. boom. you rock. ;)



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