31 Things Week 4

Yup...way behind on sharing these but *still* staying caught up with prompts. I'm really thrilled that this is what I'll leave in your mind after reading this post. /sarcasm

Week 4 ready to download as well. Grab it here. (How's it going, anyway?)


  1. um, your embarrassing moment is nothing compared to mine but mine won't ever see the light of day... ;) i actually wrote down 3 that i could think of and they are all bad. :( and your memory made me think of another one. stepped in dog poop on one of my first dates with hubby, got into his car before i realized and then said, "oh, you must have stepped in something. i know it wasn't me." uh-huh.

    and btw, i love the colour scheme you used.

    and i managed to catch up, for the most part, still have one to do from last week and then will get to work on these ones. it was touch and go there for a few days as to whether i would continue but i found a window of time and filled it. :)

    happy weekend, erica! love doing this project with you. and am so grateful for your gorgeous prompts.

  2. I love these prompts but I wish you had of done a set for single parents tho because I am not married :(

    31 Things @ Twinkle In Time

    1. I wish I could accommodate all the different situations...I actually thought about single parents as well as same sex parents when I was putting these together :) I went straight from Jennifer's great list of prompts though (except for day 31 as her list was 30 and I wanted a prompt for every day in May) and really just shared them here as an afterthought as I hoped they would inspire others as much as they did me. I hope you can fill in the blanks to complete your lists! Perhaps with traits you'd like to find in someone at some point? Or traits that would be important in your child's future mate?

  3. What font did you use? I was re-doing the three with "Describe how coparenting works for your family," "Describe your ideal spouse," and "What is the biggest challenge as a single parent."

    1. Oh - those are GREAT substitutions! The font I used is called Headline One and you can get it at dafont here: http://www.dafont.com/headline-hplhs.font



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