31 Things Week 3

Two more done since yesterday...slooooowly catching up in documenting each prompt.


And I have week 3 prompts ready for you to download if you're so inclined. Grab them here! See Jennifer's progress and the original post that prompted this project here.

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  1. Awe my comment last night didn't save. I love love love this! So beautiful! And I love reading about these people who influenced you. I had some similar-types on my list.

    I think you should sell pre-made digital scrapbook pages like this and I can just buy them and put all my words in. Much easier. Haha. Last night mine took me 3 hours and didn't look an ounce as cute.

    If I added #12 (cause I had 11 already) I'd out you for influencing me to begin digital scrap booking ;)



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