31 things update

I found my groove yesterday and knocked out the three pages I had in the works. Despite struggling with some of the prompts, I'm really enjoying the exercise and love that I'm squeezing some creativity into each day.

I dug through a bunch of older photos yesterday trying to find some pictures I'd like to include in future days...what a trip! Also, lots of baby photos of the kids that had me in tears. Nostalgia can be a real bitch.




Also, Jennifer is rocking the digital pages (especially as a newcomer to digital scrapbooking!) Also love what Heather has been sharing and Andrea as well!

I've been deleting lots of my old Two Peas kits as well. A handful will be reworked into kits for my shop (I added these washi words cards to my shop this morning...an old favorite that I created last year for Lisa's Two Peas project life class based on some awesome stuff she was doing!)

and others I can't bear to completely get rid of but won't be listing in the shop and will be sharing here as freebies instead. Here are a couple that I reworked this morning - hopefully they will come in useful to some of you :) The alphabet includes upper + lower case as well as numbers and punctuation. Click on the previews to download!



  1. oh erica, your pages are so awesome. i'm so happy for you are carlos - your words just made me smile.

    and the ozone/hairspray comment made me laugh out loud. so true. love your sense of humour.

    so good to see your creativity shining through in these pages. :) looking forward to seeing more of them.

  2. You do a wonderful job creating I am going to be linking you and Jen's page since I am going to start doing this too on my blog http://www.twinkle-in-time.com

  3. Thanks so much!
    I love your pages! They are so pretty.



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