new today

I just added these simple 2013 calendar strips to my etsy shop.

I'm trying to get back into the design habit now that the holidays are over. This weekend is all about nailing down how I want to approach project life this year and I knew that a good basic dating system was a must. I wanted this set to be really versatile so I chose a clean font and kept the design simple so it could be as unobtrusive as possible. The kit includes 12" long strips that can be used on a full size layout as well as an abr file with all of the months so they can be stamped on journaling cards, greeting cards and photos. Also included are a few basic hand drawn icons that can be used to highlight specific dates.


  1. love!!!!
    Can they be sized down for 4x6 cards?

  2. oh girl, these are SO cool!!!! i miss scrapbooking so much whenever i look at your stuff.

  3. i love these. big time.



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