...that's what today is about. Wandering from room to room. Thinking about all the things I should be doing (but really only doing the bare necessities.) The kids are off today and tomorrow and the freezing cold temps and light layer of snow has me happy to stay in the next couple of days. Thinking a lot about Carlos today who is braving the weather and climbing poles for AT&T. Yeah.

This morning though, I hopped out of bed and got to work (really a stretch...this recipe is so easy) in the kitchen as I had promised the kids danish for breakfast. I first tried this recipe Christmas morning...a winner for sure!

The filling as the recipe calls for would be way too much in my opinion. She does say that it makes for a really full danish though and that it works fine halved. Even halved, it's plenty!

The only changes I made (other than halving the filling) were to skip the egg wash (not really sure what that's for anyway...I always thought it was to make pastry "pretty" but with the glaze, not sure that matters) and substitute one mashed banana for the egg in the filling (which I might try if I were you even if you don't skip eggs! I think it adds just a tiny bit of flavor to the filling that's really nice.) The fresh berries are the perfect way to cut the sweetness (though, this isn't overly sweet for a danish.)

Thinking now would be a good time to hop on the treadmill. And double up on my time.


  1. If we were neighbors, I'd be knocking on your door!

  2. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.



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