wednesday baking with izzy

You know, as I made these cookies this afternoon with my eager little helper, I took a few photos to share here because these cookies, my friends, are the bomb-diggity. Now though, as I type the post up, I'm fairly confident I shared this recipe last year sometime. But you know what, they are *that* good. And, we tweaked them just a bit (still, just as delicious) so they're worth sharing again.

(hand just itching to do some measuring, pouring and stirring)

Pomegranate carnage. Turns out, the cut-it-in-half-and-bang-the-hell-out-of-it-with-a-metal-spoon technique works AWESOMELY well. I seeded that baby in 2 minutes flat. The last time I made these, that part took as long as the entire rest of the process. This is both good and bad news.

Afternoon baking means after-school snacking. Yup. That pop of bright pom flavor in the midst of the ooey gooey chocolate is like magic, people.

Recipe from here. This time, we used whole wheat flour rather than all purpose and ALL the seeds - no measuring because more can only be good (guessing it was around 1.5 cups rather than the 1 cup called for.) We also used our typical flax seed substitution for the eggs. They don't taste any different than I remember them from the last time we made them. And even though the threat of salmonella never kept us from eating raw cookie dough before, now we can truly do it worry free ;)


  1. flax seed as a sub for eggs? tell me more!

    1. I do this all the time, since I'm vegan.

      Egg Substitute - Vegetarians can substitute a flax seed mixture for eggs in selected recipes like pancakes, muffins and cookies. These baked goods will be slightly chewier than normal, and the volume will be decreased. The formula for egg substitution is: 15mL (1Tbsp) Milled Flax Seed, plus 45mL (3Tbsp) water = 1 egg. Mix with water, and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Add to the recipe as you would one egg.




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