eating this week: jan 3: jan 6

I'm trying to get back in the habit of sharing our weekly menu. I normally plan Monday - Sunday but with the holidays, we've been kind of veering between fend-for-yourself and all out gluttony. I'm hitting the store today though to round out the rest of this week so I'm just sharing a half-week for now. Hopefully I'll remember to come back Monday for a full week's menu!

Thursday: tortilla soup - I found this recipe on Two Peas awhile ago (and completely neglected to bookmark the thread so I have no idea who provided it) I've modified it to suit our diet though so it's not identical to the original. I'll share our version tomorrow once I've had a chance to make and photograph it tonight!

Friday: broccoli gibriche

Saturday: quinoa nachos (were you aware that 2013 has been declared the International Year of the Quinoa? consider yourself informed!)

Sunday: roasted spaghetti squash, kerala spiced peas (new recipe,) salad

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  1. I'm gonna try the quinoa nachos! :) Thanks, lady! Miss you!!



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