they just want your time

Sunday, we had the boys' birthday party at our house. A small affair, as it usually is, with grandparents and a smattering of aunts and uncles. We normally give the boys the choice of having a party at home or a party at Chuck E Cheese (aka kiddie casino) but this year as we aren't exactly rolling in the discretionary income, we didn't give them the option.

They didn't complain.

We had an awesome afternoon. It was perfect weather. The big kids played with the little kids. No one got hurt. We ate simple, easy food and opted for cupcakes to keep everyone outside and mobile. When the boys opened their presents they were thankful and used good manners. Jake even said "the best present is having everyone here today." No lie. He was probably yanking our chains but I'm not 100% sure of that because that kid really is that thoughtful. And even if he was playing us, he at least knows that he should be grateful to have family that cares for and loves him so much.

are you loving how their shirts coordinate with their presents?
My nephew Tyler spent the night so once it got dark, we put the firepit to use (ahem, for the first time since we moved in...5 years ago) and Carlos made a big ass fire. See:

I could tell he was a teensy bit concerned about the height of that thing. Guess we accumulated some pretty good kindling in the past five years. Here he is looking up, just waiting for the branches to combust:

The flames died down to a less worrisome level though and the boys whooped it up Lord of the Flies style. An end of summer bonfire is undoubtedly a new tradition.

There was an awesome full moon Sunday - did you see it? I thought a night walk was in order so I coerced Jake into joining me and we set off.

We talked about the party. We talked about school. We just walked for a bit listening to the crickets chirp and frogs sing. He said it was the best party ever. He said that he loved spending time with me. He said he was a little nervous about school but mostly excited about being able to join drama club and run for student council. He said his favorite part of the day was that walk.

All they want is your time. We do all kinds of things as a family. This night though was an excellent reminder of why we need to devote our complete, undivided, 100% attention to them all by themselves once in awhile. To remind them how special they are. To enjoy the silence together and appreciate a late summer night.

It was the perfect end to the summer.

But guess what? THEY ARE BACK AT SCHOOL RIGHT THIS INSTANT. And that's pretty good too ;) So to celebrate (they are excited too, really! it's not just me) I have a coupon for my etsy shop. For today only, use the code BACKTOSCHOOL for 50% off your purchase!

I added a handful of kits over the weekend. Some repackaged, some new. I added a custom option for my Peace Love and Understanding journaling cards - a custom text 8x10 printable PDF perfect for a favorite quote or wedding date or birth details.

I did these for myself. I have a thing for song lyrics and would love to do a bunch of them all grouped. I did these three individually - lyrics that I love. Then I realized how perfectly they work together. Boom, done.

The birth detail PDF can be shrunk down, combined with a photo and used as a pretty sweet birth announcement:

This custom option is included in the sale so if you like it, today would be a great day to hit "add to cart."

Hope your Labor Day weekend was as perfect as our was!


  1. You are right on Erica! Love this post and I'm so happy to hear you had a great weekend. I need to dig up a quote or song lyrics for that 8x10 print. It's so cool!

  2. awesome! love it when kids are happy with the simple things in life!! :)
    and that full moon....craps up my sleep! grrr...
    have a great day!

  3. ah how i love you.



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