project life: weeks 24 + 25

Moving on...here is what I came up with for weeks 24 and 25. Definitely loving this process a lot more (though I did enjoy adding the tiny bits and baubles - this is working so much better for me!)
products used:  Card Creator from Bananafish // Fleetwood (woodgrain paper, adjusted) from Sahlin Studio // "you" printable from Paper Coterie // this fab icon set (for the heart and speech bubble)
I'm still playing around with a glitter effect but I'm semi happy with it for now. If you want some really fabulous digital glitter letters, grab these from Design Editor.
products used: Kelly Purkey stamps // Persnickety Prints Bird of a Feather
Obviously I didn't have a lot to work with this week but that's OK because I LOVE that picture of Izzy and was more than happy to showcase it. I mixed a little vintage/grungy look with a more graphic look by combining the Persnickety stuff with the KP stuff. I'm good with it :)


  1. LOVE your big center woodgrain photo and the big photos on the right side. Awesome!!!!

  2. Love Catherine's glitter alpha too and your pairing of the kids on the couch. With the wood grain on the opposite side ! Thanks for sharing it Erica.

  3. Love your new process, Erica. I've decided to do a similar thing. More graphic in nature with text, etc., on my pics, but still printing everything out. Just less actual paper products. I'm totally loving it. I guess I'm just Digi at heart :)

  4. i love, i love, i LOVE.

  5. Absolutely adore your work! Love that you are finding your groove! love that picture as the focal point. Totally rocks!



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