new in the shop

I've been playing around with some new things for the shop...both digital and physical paper stuff and some knitted goodies) I need to take photos and create the listings but I thought I'd share a little here in the meantime.

I did add a new kit yesterday - a brush set to date your photos - just $2!

I also have small notebooks and blank greeting card sets ready to be listed...kraft handcut geometric shapes + glitter + grid paper inserts. I'm loving how these turned out and have pieces cut to assemble more in a variety of colors.

These are veneer tags with glitter designs...working on different colors (hot pink, matte gold) and thinking of doing different sizes as well. Still in limbo on these. I'm thinking this size would make perfect tags for the holidays!

No photos of the knitted items yet but I hope to knock those out this weekend and list them the first of next week.

Today though, I'm working on a hand cut piece for Izzy's room. I saw this yesterday and immediately printed the template. I'll share a photo of the finished piece once I figure out where to put it...excited to pull out the exacto today during quiet time...so meditative for me.


  1. You are a freakin' genius!!!

  2. can't wiat to see what you've been knitting! :) just got a shipment notification that my new yarn is on it's way. so excited to get started. it's been too long!

  3. oh my gosh, you MUST share the finished product for Izzy's room. One of the first things I remember loving about your work way back when was your mad exacto skillz.

  4. Those little notebooks are adorable! You are so creative :)



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