tutorial: using patterned paper templates in png format

I've been working on repackaging some of my older kits and slowly adding them to my etsy shop interspersed with the new stuff. In repacking my Chevol paper, I decided to include the png template for creating a patterned chevron paper. I love how easy it is to create custom colors with a png template and wanted to show how quickly it can be done.

open your digital png file

zoomed, in, you can see that this file has a transparent background (one characteristic of a png file is that it can be saved with a transparent background, allowing it to be layered over other elements)

add a new layer above the pattern layer
using your Paint Bucket Tool (K), fill the new layer with your desired color

now, "clip" the color layer to the pattern layer by clicking ctrl + G (or navigate with the toolbar by choosing layer>create clipping mask (SIDENOTE: you can use the paint bucket tool on the actual pattern layer but you might notice a slight jagged edge to the pattern - I much prefer the look of the finished product using this method)

add another new layer *below* your pattern layer

again, using your paint bucket tool, fill this new layer with your secondary color

to flatten your image for use in your next project, select layer>flatten image and save with a new name

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