tutorial: using journaling card jpg files in Word

I wanted to share a quick tutorial about how to use my Olympics jpg files in Word so you can add text before printing. I find Photoshop/Elements to be an easier option but if you don't have photo editing software, this method is totally doable!

(and if you'd prefer the cards as a single page PDF printable, grab it here.)

I know this may look intimidating but just take it step by step and I promise you will do it!

Within Word, click your insert tab and select picture.

Navigate to the cards folder and select the one you'd like to work with.

Under the format tab, click the text wrapping option and select behind text.

Go back to the insert tab and choose text box.

Choose simple text box from the options.

Type your text.

Right click on the text box and choose borders and shading.

Change your fill and line color options to no color.

Highlight your text and format as usual. Now, print!

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