eating this week (and, a winner!)

I've sort of fallen off the menu sharing bandwagon, eh? I'm still doing it but I've been so neglectful in sharing. I'll get to that in a minute though. First, the winner of the Ella giveaway!

Congratulations Kyky! Please email me and I'll get you the details. You're going to love the class!

So, for our menu this week we have:

Monday sesame tofu + asparagus
Tuesday potato tacos (these are yummy but need a little more crunch...so, I'll add some roasted corn ;)
Wednesday southwest black bean salad (recipe via foodie Mel...I'm going to try replacing the mango with nectarine though)
Thursday honey jalapeno roasted squash, salad, bread
Friday lentil loaf, potatoes, veg
Saturday taco salad
Sunday boy birthday party = pizza

And finally, I saw this spread from Inside Out magazine (via their blog) and was so drawn to the simplicity of that right hand side.

I know it's simple (classic!) I know it's been done a thousand times. But, I still love it. And need a kick in the ass to make a page. So today, I WILL make a page based on that layout. And you will too, won't you? If you do, link me up, I'd love to see where the inspiration takes you! I'll share mine tomorrow :)

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  1. yuppiiiiiiii!!! so happy! thanks thanks thanks! and I'm looking to see you layout :)



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