project life: weeks 5-10

Uh, yeah. I'm still behind but I have enough under my belt that I'm not giving up. I did 3 layouts this past weekend so another couple of weeks and theoretically I can be caught up, right?

No detail shots because honestly, no one wants to look at 100 photos, right? I'll try to link up as many of the downloaded resources as I can but I'll skip the traditional supplies (a lot of them are the result of some serious digging into the old stuff) and my own designs.

These were fast spreads (with the exception of week 7.) I don't love any of them but I do love that I did them. I want to get caught up because I want to be able to spend as much time on each week as I can to make it special. I enjoy doing the detailed stuff. I've never scrapped chronologically and have never felt the urge to be "caught up" so I guess that is the biggest "con" to this whole project.

Week 5

left side: twitter printable from Melanie; "the story" from Paislee Press
right side: the top set of pockets hold multiple photos - I just cut the "title" words from cardstock, stuck them to 4x6" transparencies and slid them in on top of the photos; "hello" card from here
Week 6

left side: frame for digital Madonna memory card Audrey Neal Clipped: Frames; bottom right journaling card Marcy Penner Captured
right side: "friday" card from Valorie Brown
Week 7

I did this spread for Lisa's March Capture class at Two Peas so you can find ALL the details for this one there

Week 8

uhhh, this week was tough because everyone was sick and I didn't have a lot to work with. basically, I really reached to finish this week (can you tell? lol)

Week 9

Week 10

left side: map from Robyn Meierotto Let's Go Mini; "currents" from LifeLovePaper


  1. holy
    i LOVE these.
    and i can't tell you reached on that week-- it looks like you highlighted exactly what it was-- a week where you all were sick and not much happened other than getting better.
    and this??? "These were fast spreads (with the exception of week 7.) I don't love any of them but I do love that I did them." <-- YES. i have more than a few weeks i feel that way about, so i love that you said this and it's not just me.
    you = awesome.
    love it, love it, love it.

  2. way to go, E! you can do it, you can do it! :)

    lovin' the large photos spliced into smaller pieces. and holy moly, didn't realize izzy's hair was so long!

  3. Amazing as always. Glad to know I'm not the only one with weeks that are hard to get through in Project Life. Sometimes things are not very exciting around my house...LOL. I just put all the photos for weeks 11-14 in the album last night and now I just need to finish the journaling. I really wish I could keep up too. I'm always amazed at how people can keep up (like Elise and Ali).

  4. So so awesome Erica! You are clippin' right along. I loved seeing the photo of you and C in week 7 again - always makes me smile. :) Morgan will be 4 in June. Are her and Izzy close in age?? She's too cute!

  5. love these pages! i love your style. i'm so severely behind, but I have high hopes of catching up soon. :)



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