photo a day

I didn't officially set a goal for myself to do a photo-a-day project (last year I did and only made it about half way...with a little cheating :p) but I did download a 365 app and so far, I've made it every day this year. SO much easier to accomplish with my phone than my "real" camera.

The best part of using the app though, is that it helps me fill in the gaps on my project life spreads. I don't intentionally use every photo I take but it is nice to have the reminder photos and notes to combine with my twitter updates and scribbled notes to jog my memory (especially since I've been tending to do my PL spreads a month or more after the fact.)

January - March. Check.

1 comment:

  1. i'm so proud of you for doing this. good for you! so many awesome photos!



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