eating this week

monday: tabbouleh with garbanzos (from the cookbook I mentioned last week)
tuesday: quorn veggie chicken breasts, mustard roasted new potatoes, salad
asparagus soup (also from the cookbook) 
thursday: spaghetti (because I have to work in a kid-favorite no-brainer)
friday: succotash (long time favorite)

monday, tuesday and wednesday all feature a new dish. also new this week: salt and vinegar potato bites, roasted edamame and peanut butter and jelly bars (because it is spring break after all!)
Lots of good stuff last week. Loved the pasta - I did the opposite of Jen and cooked the mushrooms longer (I can't handle the texture of raw/undercooked) and just tossed the tomatoes in at the end to warm them a bit. I didn't use as much feta either - I love it but the kids can only handle it in small amounts.

The nachos were my favorite for the week - delicious! I spread nacho chips on a baking pan, spread the filling mix on top (I had some left over) and used a bit of queso fresco and sharp cheddar rather than the cotija. Baked for around 5 minutes at 350. I think this would be fabulous with lentils as well - I may try that next time (though the quinoa was great.)

And the chili lime rice - though I'm not 100% convinced on the chili-lime (sounds great but didn't come through quite how I expected) the cooking-in-the-oven bit has me sold! The texture of the rice was perfect - so much better than anything I've managed in a pot.


  1. wait, you cooked the rice in the oven????
    i'm intrigued.

  2. Nate loves those roasted mustard potatoes! Delicious sounding food this week. Looking forward to hearing about the cookbook recipes:)



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