lunch. done.

The second I got home from the grocery store Sunday, I washed and halved the tomatoes and stuck them in the oven.

A drizzle of olive oil. Salt. Pepper. 325 for about 3 hours.

Let them cool, stick them in the fridge and dream of lunchtime.

The moment of truth is the first juicy bite. I know the tomato doesn't look very pretty but I roast the hell out of them to make the flavor as intense as possible. The taste is worth the lack of pretty though, trust me.

This is one of those things I get hung up on. I'll eat it daily for awhile and then forget all about it for months. Right now? Well and truly addicted.


  1. We can't bring ourselves to buy the nasty tomatoes available to us right now but have been dreaming of the farmers' market... will have to try this then. Do you make your own pesto? I haven't bought storebought pesto since we got a good food processor 7 years ago. Super easy!

  2. oh my gosh, that looks SO delicious. yummy! i'll be putting this on my list of things to eat this summer. and i totally get addicted to things and eat them to death. ha! right now, blueberry smoothie - can't stop!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    now i'm hungry.

  4. um...I need one of those right now! Totally going to make those!!

  5. holy smokes - i need to make some of that!

  6. oh my yum!! this sounds fantastic :)



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