eating this week

mon french toast and fakin’ (Zack's request..."fakin" is our veggie bacon substitute. which is disgusting. but I'm the only one that doesn't like it.)
tues asparagus soup + bread
weds zucchini and corn nachos
thurs edamame fried rice w/ baby bok choy greens
fri manicotti + salad

orangeberry shortcake cookies (April treat for my dad)

grapefruit smoothie

The only new items this week is the fried rice and bok choy recipes. I didn't do a menu last week as we had a ton of leftovers to work our way through plus Carlos juiced for a few days (C juicing means kid-friendly meals and me fending for myself with easy single-person meals.)

A few winners from past weeks...the roasted cabbage (definitely on the menu for lunch this week,) salt and vinegar potato bites - delish, roasted edamame - an awesome snack option.


  1. that smoothie looks yummy! going to have to pick up some grapefruit this week. :)

  2. i have to try that asparagus soup. my inlaws grow asparagus so once it's ready, i'm totally trying that soup. and that smoothie sounds interesting too - how is it?



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