before and after

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the fact that I completely ripped off the caption treatment from this blog series...because I love it that much.
For the record, he never went out in public with hair that resembled the first shot. That was very intentionally mussed for an optimal before/after comparison.

He's been so patient waiting for a haircut. This one was daddy-done and he's just fine with that.

Might as well update on middle man Z.

Still doing awesome. Still occasionally struggles with his temper but mostly, it's a very pest-like 3 year old sister that is a cause of that consternation. And man, can I totally relate to that. He's doing a great job dealing with it though. Incredibly proud of him!

Is making huge strides in his eating habits. This kid is a toothpick. Really. He's on the small side (and always has been...like 10th percentile his whole life) and we constantly worry about him getting enough calories. Basically, he's been surviving on PB&J for years now (since long before we because vegetarians.) Recently though, he's been trying new things with a semi-open mind. He's not like Jake yet (who will eat anything I put in front of him. Whether he likes it or not, he never complains) but in the past week, he's eaten a couple of meals he wouldn't have even tried previously and tried a couple more (unsuccessfully, but at least he *tried*) 

Is such an incredible trooper with his expanders. He has them on the top and bottom and they have made such a difference in his mouth already. He's got a tiny little jaw and his teeth were just piled up on top of each other. Cross your fingers and toes that the expanders will nullify the need for braces! He was so scared when he got them (poor kid actually though he was getting dentures! It's funny now but can you imagine being 7 and confusing expanders with dentures? Terrifying.) I cringe every time I have to adjust them but he never bats an eye. Superstar.

He is, on a daily basis, asking me to google things for him. He's such a science geek. Countless image searches for creepy crawlies (a particular affinity for spiders,) space anomalies (black holes last night) and weather patterns (soooo many weather requests - things I swear he's made up but I entertain his search wishes and what do you know, up pops all kinds of images.)

He often reads entire chapter books from the time he gets home from school until dinner time.

He has a wicked sense of humor and his parents' sarcastic streak (to go along with the typical 7 year old boy potty humor + silly, nonsensical, made up jokes.)

Seven. It's a good age. Finally.


  1. He is like Gracie's cosmic cousin. Who, for the record, has also always hovered around the 10th percentile.

    Thanks for the link to that blog series... because I have time for an entire new blog that I now must read every nook and cranny of. Heh. ; )

  2. Alex had to have the expanders and then years of braces but every time she flashes a smile at me I am reminded it was all worth it.

  3. his eyes just pop with his hair cut! so cute. and so glad things are going well with him but especially that you see the positive in him.

  4. loving the before and after.
    ev is in just about the before photo of needing a haircut.

    and i love the update.
    i really do.
    you are such a kickass mama.

  5. Sooo cute! My Z also got a haircut (daddy done) recently. He went from super floppy hair in face to a buzz cut. It's amazing how a short cut makes them look so much more mature! Never mind my Z is 13... LOL!



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