new today

Three new kits today - each designed to coordinate with the February Pea Soup color scheme:

Papers - $2

Elements - $2

Alphabet - $2

Also, a couple of weeks ago I had a craft day with my sister and step-mom and finally knocked out a few knitted projects that just needed ends weaved in and cleaned up. I started this little pinwheel jacket for Izzy when she was tiny but she grew so fast and it took me so long to do the finishing that she has loooong past outgrew it. I'd love for *someone* to get some use out of it so if you have a newborn or know someone that does and would like to have this, it's yours! I know these are terrible photos but I think you get the idea :)

One random commenter will get all 3 kits and the first person to claim the sweater owns it :)


  1. these kits are awesome as usual!! love them.

    the jacket is so sweet! i hope someone can get some use out of it and appreciate it. the colors are great!

  2. i swear i have that patterned on my ravelry to-do list from the first time you posted it! such an enabler you are. :)

  3. I love the new kits...especially the second one. I need it. I also need to learn how to use all of these cool things!!

  4. Your Kits ROCK of course! Now WOW I so wish I could knit that is such a beautiful Sweater.

  5. ok, that jacket is PERFECTION.

    and the kits are AMMMMMMMMMMMMAZING.
    of course. just like YOU.



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