project life 2012: week 4

I enjoyed putting this week together the most yet. I think because I pulled together more of a variety of elements and got friendly with my exacto again.

still *basically* kraft + b/w + grey but with extra color pulled in from a variety of places
left side
Instaframes V1///"currents" overlay - I added the movies that have been requested over and over this particular week
craft day with my sister
to document chinese new year
hand cut overlay sewn on (I just used the stitching on the page protector to line up my stitches and make sure I didn't pierce the packet) image I used for the cut from here
under the overlay - print from here///journaling card from Polka Dot Pixels ledger journal kit (coming Tuesday)
the dinner that completely sucked (first time in a long time that I made something new that wasn't at least salvageable) 2012 journaling cards///gchat with carlos after I made him breakfast :p
pocket holds journaling from this blog post, hambly rub on///prima stars, "her zen radiance" is an anagram of my name - one of the people I follow on Twitter shared this anagram site one day this week and this was my favorite of the phrases it returned
right page
paper from robyn meierotto (let's go mini), word art free from G's blog 
she thinks she's something, huh?
sledding at grandma and grandpa's
some of the art I found on the back of Z's schoolwork :) framed in journaling cards

So, that's it for week 4! I have a template for that 3x4 envelope that I'll share in a couple of days - another stash builder that I made a few of all at once (great for longer or more personal ournaling.)


  1. I love love your pages. So many little awesome bits. Makes me feel like mine are so boring!

  2. oh my the craft knife queen is back! love all the little bits and pieces of your week. :)

  3. this is a whole lot of amazing.
    i am in loooooooooooove.

  4. oh boy, I love this so much!!! your exacto skills amaze me!

  5. Love this, E! You inspire me to start scrapbooking again. :)

    P.S. JB and I are doing well!

  6. HOLY Smokes So I am w/my jaw on the floor you HAND CUT THAT awesomeness for Chinese New Year? I just got stitches cause I cut myself throwing out trash. If I would even try this I'd prob. cut my finger off! YOU ARE BEING AWESOME WOW! Love your week very fun. Anyone tell you could be an exacto Ninja Just saying! :)

  7. Holy Exacto Awesomeness! That is amazing!! I love how you mix all types of little bits. And the gmail chat is so sweet!

  8. Anonymous6:10 PM

    That anagram site looks great! I also love that gray card with the chalk-looking font. Very cool pages!

  9. Your Exacto skills have always amazed me. I am in complete awe! Always such an inspiration:)



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