I've been meal planning for a couple of years - for me, knowing what we're going to eat every night makes life so much less stressful. I don't at all mind cooking every night knowing what I'm making ahead of time and I've found that since I've started planning ahead, I'm much more willing to try more complex, more labor intensive meals. Not necessarily every night, but enough to keep things interesting and introduce new meal options into our diet.

I know a lot of people share their menus each week - I've picked up a lot of meal ideas from Melanie's weekly posts - and I realized how handy it would be to share mine as well. Not because I expect you to be interested but because it would be good to have as reference on those weeks where my planing feels uninspired and I need some reminders about past menu options.

Pinterest has been a fantastic resource for keeping track of dishes that I want on the menu soon and meals we've tried and loved so this is just one more way for me to streamline and simplify the process each week. I typically shop Saturday or Sunday for the upcoming week.

saturday: broccoli cheddar soup + bread
sunday: salad, brown rice, crash hot sweet potatoes (new)
monday: samosas + parsley chutney, salad
tuesday: veggie meatballs w/ soy ginger glaze, egg noodles, veg
wednesday: spaghetti, garlic bread
thursday: roasted vegetables + quinoa
friday: veggie nachos

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  1. yum! so glad you are sharing. I'm always looking for more recipes to add to my meal plans. thanks for posting them!



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