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I'll be brief as our house has been an infirmary for the past 9 days...a whirl of laundry and disinfectant and medicine and lukewarm baths. And while I managed to stave it off myself for a few days, I spent the weekend on my ass and am slowly crawling back out of the hole myself.

Two new kits this week:
Watercolor Notes - $2
Framed In Journaling Cards - $2
Also, if you're a fan of Two Peas on Facebook, there will be a small printable freebie that I designed to coordinate with Lisa Truesdell's Feburary 2012: Captured workshop up shortly. Here are the designs included:

(more confetti options coming to the store next week ;)

Have a great day - hope your households are all healthier that ours this week :)


  1. WOWERS talk about YUMO! & loving that freebie. You SUPER rock. I hope your boys are on the mend. We had that a couple of weeks ago here where it seemed as if it was just taking turns as to who would be next getting sick. I think its been the mild Winter here that has made the germs grow more or something lol

  2. Cute as always! Such a talent you have.
    Feel better, friend!

  3. I was out 3 days sick last week. Hope the kids are better!

  4. I get a totally different download when I click it. Am I doing something wrong? First time trying it out. Any help is appreciated. Love them!

    1. No - you're right! I just checked the download and it does link to the wrong file. I emailed the webmaster though so it should be fixed shortly!



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