about the check marks...

So, Ashley asked me what they were about the other day and I realized I had never mentioned them :p That's my running tally of days worked out.

Used to be that chasing a toddler and a fairly high metabolism was all I needed to stay in relatively good shape. Since pregnancy #2 and the advent of my 4th decade of existence (yikes!) it's just not enough anymore. I've never been hung up on my actual weight (well, not since I was 12 and I *so* didn't need to worry about my weight!) and I'm not really sure how much I weigh (no scale = less obsessiveness for me). It's about how I feel physically and emotionally. I want my clothes to fit better, I want to feel more energetic, I want to know I'm taking care of myself and staying healthy for my children, husband and myself. It's my job to take care of them and I can't do that if I'm not taking care of myself.

I'm thinking 15-20 lbs ought to do it.

So I've been exercising. I need to diversify my activity a bit but for now, it's a start. Once I hit my 10 day mark, I'm going to reward myself with this. So far, I've resisted the allure of sock knitting but they're just so pretty and they knit up so quickly and it's something I can wear fairly regularly. BUT, I have a really (really) hard time spending $20 on a pair of socks so it's a luxury. Admittedly, there are very few things that can be knit for less than it costs to just purchase the item but I knit for the enjoyment and peace and prospect of passing the item down to my children though. So it's worth it to me to spend the money on the yarn. Socks though, I can't pretend they will ever become a family heirloom ;)

I hope that someday the health and well-being will be enough motivate me. Maybe someday, I can be one of those CRAZY people who exercise for the enjoyment of it (are you one of those people? tell me your secret!) For now though, I need something tangible. My greed motivates me temporarily(even though I already feel SO much better...more energy and I just feel proud of myself for sticking to it - even for just a few days) I've already picked out indulgence #2 so I have to stick with it for a few more weeks at least :)

Anyway, as usual I rambled about something that I could have explained in a sentence. I'm off to play in the backyard with the boys...it's another beautiful day! (photo is some Target $1 flowers just blooming...I have a black thumb so any signs of budding is a major accomplishment! Digi goodies are Jen Wilson)

Go WINGS, Go PISTONS...it's another sports night in Detroit and I have a good feeling!


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I've been wondering about those check marks :P Way to go E!!!

    I hate exercising. I feel great after I do it but I don't like doing it. I have a LOT of friends who love it though.

    Have fun outside :)

  2. i'm not a lover of working out. BIG SUPRISE!
    only 2 more work outs, and the yarn is yours. yeah!

  3. so...today was my first day in 9 days I didn't get up to work out...we must be on the same wave length about feeling better;) I decided to take today off...up late working on the last 6th grade project for the year

    beautiful yarn:)


  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    i wondered about the checkmarks myself - thought i just missed it somewhere.

    kudos to you, E!

  5. Anonymous8:50 PM

    that is fabulous.
    i totally agree in rewards...the yarn is beautiful.
    i love that you knit for your family (and yourself)...that is lovely.
    love the photo of the plants too...darling!

  6. LOL, I thought the check marks had something to do with the sports scores you were posting!

    Good for you on exercising! I am so NOT an exerciser and I really need to be.

    I haven't attempted a sock either, but the pics at January One have been making me feel like I need to give it a shot.

  7. Um, can you have a good feeling every night? Seriously...5-0? Wha??? I'm not complaining but sheesh!

  8. AWESOME job on working out - wow, look at all those checks!! But I think you look great and are really skinny!!!

    I've been working out too - on the treadmill almost every night for about 2 miles! Hope this hard work starts showing soon :D



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