happy birthday to my brother...

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The big two-six for my brother Jeremy today...how do you like the card? hehe, picked it up in Ann Arbor when my and Miss Mel hung out a few weeks ago. How could I *not* get this?? Too funny! They have a website too...oplusd...warning, some pretty off color stuff if you're offended by stuff like that. Also some really cool graphics though.


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    LOVE it! I needed to start my day with a bit old belly laugh!

  2. ERICA... {shaking head}.... WHAT does your MOTHER think when she reads this blog. :) tee hee...

  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Erica...that site is awesome...I love it...I am totally going to order some of those cards, if I can...need to check into that...great site..and awesome card...Happy B-day to your brother...


  4. Anonymous11:30 PM

    LMAO! That card is totally my kind of humour- I need to bookmark that site! When I read you hung out with 'Miss Mel' I did a double take, was sure you were talking 'bout me, lol! I use that name on my lss site, and at work everyone calls me that. I would have used it on 2Peas as well, but it was taken by Miz Mellypea. My Mom has always called me Miss Mel too!

    Happy bday to your baby bro! :)I'm sure he'll love the card.

  5. Anonymous1:24 AM

    I haven't gone to that site yet but if that's the kind of cards they have I'm so there:)

    I thought initially that you had made the card:)

  6. Nice E....real freakin nice.

  7. see!!
    we HAVE to go to vegas.

  8. He he!! I love smarmy!!!

  9. Anonymous10:54 AM

    lol!!! hysterical!!

  10. hahahahahahaha.. i LOVE that site!!!

  11. Anonymous9:00 PM

    fun card. And 26! He is still just a yung un! :)

    Hope your well.

  12. Anonymous10:25 PM

    i knew i'd seen that card - and yep, still find it down right hilarious! i could've read those cards with you for hours - some real winners. :)



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