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So to update on March, I've knocked out a couple more simple projects.

A custom papercut that Izzy adores (so, I'll be cutting a second, apparently.) This isn't even on my list of projects but I still wanted to share because I dig it.

A baby blanket for my soon-to-be niece or nephew. A yard of grey + white chevron plus a yard of super soft minky. And no, I would never sew a white blanket for one of my own children. And yes, this is barely sewing and kind of cheating but that's OK...hoping to knock out something else still this month.

To tally up my progress:

  • knit something DONE
  • crochet something
  • sew something DONE
  • build something
  • repurpose something (project planned)
  • scrapbook something
  • finish something (project picked)
  • cook something
  • mold something
  • update something (project planned)

I have a lot of work to do in the next 18 days.


  1. *gasp* I love your paper cutting. I made a print for myself that hangs by the back door with that same quote, because I love the Avetts so...

  2. looooooooooove that cutting.
    and that blanket, which TOTALLY counts.

  3. Holy crap that paper cutting is awesome! And the blanket totally counts. i can't even sew a button on when they fall off. Nate has to do it:(

  4. that piece of art is stunning. i absolutely want to do the same. actually i want you to do it for me. so gorgeous! and that blanket is super adorable!

  5. Anonymous7:51 AM

    ok, that paper cut is AMAZING! and like Elizabeth, my love for the Avetts runs deep, so I must have it. Where can I get it? I need deets! :)



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