eating this week

Monday bok choy, broccoli and edamame skillet I'm going to try barley rather than millet (new)
Tuesday tomato basil parmesan soup (crock pot) + bread (new)
Wednesday pasta w/ braised broccoli + tomato + garlic bread
Thursday lentil tacos + pickled red onions
Friday brussels sprouts w/ avocado + lime over greens (new)
Saturday tortilla soup
Sunday chinese orange tofu + brown rice & broccoli

and a couple of lunch items for the week:
roasted cabbage
wilted spinach & feta salad (new)

from last week:
The feta ricotta spinach rolls were pretty good but I'm not sure they were good enough to justify the calories. Carlos really liked them though and the kids ate them (though none were thrilled.)

The refried bean tacos were so easy and really tasty. I'm not a huge fan of refried beans but the addition of the onions and tomatoes made a huge difference.

Dill pickle fries? Oh, hell yes.

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