trying something a little different

I've been using etsy for my digital stuff, paper goods and knitted items but I spotted shoplocket on a blog a few months ago as an etsy alternative and decided I'd give it a shot. I'd like to maybe someday set something custom up but for now, I just want to see how this works out. 

There are some people out there that are really, really good at mixing business with pleasure on their blog without it coming off like some obnoxious sales pitch. I aspire to be that someday but marketing and promoting myself has never been a comfortable thing for me. I do really like eating though so I hope that my stuff is appealing to some of you and that for the rest of you, you aren't turned off by me occasionally sharing some of things I make to sell! If it is a turn off, I'm open to you telling me that too. Nicely, please. 

So I've been knitting away making some scarves and cowls for the fall and have a handful of them to share with you today. These are all intended for your darling daughters (or sons :) but I do have some adult versions as well. Those require me to get in front of the camera though and I'm not nearly as cute as this girl...I mean, seriously. 


  1. holy goodness that kid's cowl is adorable!

  2. Super cute. I want a couple of things made...I'll email you my questions:)

  3. whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?
    you are brilliant!
    and i love that girl of yours.



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