I used to scrapbook every day. When I started, more than ten years ago, I'd put Jake to bed and make a page. Every day. When Zack was born, I continued the tradition. For probably 3 or 4 years, it was just a given. Carlos would come home from work and I'd share what I'd done. I was proud. I was excited. I was itching to share with someone that loved the subject matter as much as I did.

As time went on and I became more a part of the amazing community of scrapbooking I got so much love and validation from my virtual friends and acquaintances  So much support for doing something I loved and would have done anyway.

I'm getting sentimental. I do that.

Can you believe I have sixty-five pages of layouts in my Two Peas gallery? Sixty-five pages of photos and words and love and creativity (or my version of it.) I still love going through those old gallery pages (I could look through the actual albums but online is so much easier!) The pages I did years and years ago are still my favorites.

I grabbed this gorgeous kit from One Little Bird recently and wanted to make a page. Something quick to design so I could focus on the words and the story. So I went back in my gallery and found a layout, waaaaay back in the 50-somethings, that I made in 2005. Whoa.

(check out those flea market letter stickers! still love those)
Design? Done. This was back when I stuck with primarily cardstock + fonts with the occasional brad thrown in. I'm still a fan or those basic elements. For the re-dux, I added a little pattern (subtle. natch.) and a couple of basic elements but still, fairly simple. The only element I added that wasn't included in the kit were my Dated Brushes.

And I thought if I already had the design done digitally, a design that I still love, I might as well save it as a template and share it in case one of you would like to use it as well. Like it? Grab it. Enjoy!


  1. le sigh. i remember all of those early layouts. i also remember scrapbooking every night. :) love this.

  2. I remember how excited I would be when I saw new pages from you. And how excited i was to scrapbook. Not so much anymore...sad. Thankfully I love Project Life so at least I have some record for Alex to look back on:) Love the page:)

  3. I am totally going to be downloading this one :)

  4. love both of these!

  5. this is awesome! love the re-dux!

  6. Love the template, thanks Erica !



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