(all my troubles seemed so far away....)

Sorry, I had no intentions of doing that until I typed the post title and the rest came flowing out. Have you seen there is a new Beatles album? I need it, I want it, I gotta have it. No Beatles tunage on iTunes though so I actually have to leave my house to get it. Bummer.

So anyway, yesterday we built a fort and hung out in it a good part of the day. We played legos and listened to a lot of Jack Johnson and Laurie Berkner. I knit and was able to finish up Carlos' scarf and hat combo. Now to start on my own in a lovely shade of cornflower blue. (I have scarves, oh yes I do, but in shades of lime green and a creamy tweed...and no hats yet - I'll need one soon!)

Then, we played Twister. OK, mostly I spun and the boys played...because I'm too old ;-)

Then I stayed up way too late working. I'll do the same tonight.

Today, it's snowing. And if I were a good mom, I'd take the boys out to play. But they don't have any boots. And I hate the snow. So, I'll grocery shop instead.

Have a great Wednesday! (Wednesday, right?)


  1. Your knitting is AWESOME. Wish I had that much ambition when it came to those classes. Maybe I'll hire Jake to babysit and you can re-teach me!

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    cool scarf and hat! You know we want to see a pic of Carlos actually wearing them, right? :)

  3. have you checked this out? http://free.thebeatleshate.com ?

    it is newer than the one you're talking about, and way better ;)

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I need to live near you so you can show me how to knit! I *so* want to learn this year! There is a group at the library and one at my church, both teaching how to knit....but of course, both are meeting when I am at work :( :P Work sucks :P ;) LOL!
    okay....and you.are.da.rockin.mama! I am not a fun mom.....not even a little!
    and I'm with you on the snow ;)
    I actually have J's boots from last year, sitting in the garage....if you'd like, I could send them off to you? Not sure on the size but I can look.
    Have fun at the grocery store!
    and YEAH on the post :)

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    You are a knitting fool! ;) Love it! So glad you have the snow and not us! LOL! We're actually melting if you can believe that! Enjoy your Wednesday! Yep, Wednesday it is! Hugs! :)

  6. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Sure... no intentions... uh huh...


  7. Twister & knitting in one day?
    You are the coolest ever! :)
    Love the Lo BTW. Seriously rocks!

  8. Anonymous12:06 PM

    love the knitting erica! someday i know you'll teach me, when we are eighty and we're neighbors. =)

  9. Rain boots and thick socks borrowed from daddy's drawer are a good substitute for boots here... probably because we're only talking about an inch or less at a time. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday!!

  10. love the knitting! gorgeous stuff!



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