I scrapbooked :D

Goofy, huh? I needed somewhere to put these pictures from the first 200 Jake shot with his Christmas camera :) My buddy Annie challenged me to use an owl on a layout...because, who uses owls on their layouts? This one was cute though...and gave my exacto a workout ;) The lightbulb moment to combine the owl and the pictures provided me an inordinate amount of satisfaction. I'm sure you're all jealous that I lead such an exciting life :p


  1. I am jealous:D

    I like Jakes's self portraits and owls are very cool:)

  2. Anonymous4:35 PM

    you so totally rock, my friend!
    only you could make an owl look so cool.
    love this...such funny photos.

  3. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Owls are cool, and cute. and you will definitely make them cooler with this- sweet! :D Love those funny pics!

    mel xox

  4. Love that owl and the layout!!

  5. Anonymous8:47 PM

    You are soooooooooooo cool. :P Oh yeah.

  6. You're so awesome! I'm SOOO glad I have my own personal penguin here to accompany that owl of yours! : )

  7. Anonymous9:37 PM

    you make me laugh!! love that owl and love how you made it work :) gotta love those up-the-nose closeups, LOL!

  8. Man - it's so strange how he is growing up into a "little Erica!" I see it more and more, looks, personality...too cool.

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    See - told you that you create masterpieces. ;) Lovin' the owl! Too cute! Happy Tuesday, my friend! :)

  10. Anonymous12:54 PM

    He is *so* cute!
    Oh...and Jake's pretty darn cute too ;)
    LOVE this E! Such *great* design!
    Happy to see a page and a post all in the same day/place :)

  11. If I didn't like you, I'd hate you for coming up with that idea AND for exacto-ing the owl. Dang.

  12. Anonymous6:12 PM

    completely jealous here. i'm not sure i can keep being your friend because i'm so jealous. just call me greenie. actually, i'm wearing a green shirt today. maybe it was fate? seriously, you rocked that page! love it! and you are stuck with me. a little jealousy isn't gonna make me go anywhere. i'm like the cranky aunt that never dies!

  13. SUCH a cute layout, oh my gosh! And those pics are just priceless!!!

    Love the new look on your blog =)



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