my hot husband :)

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For those of you who think my husband is HOT, a little picture for you...for the record, I think he's hot myself :)

I also think he is absolutely the best person out there for me...we share so much...our interests, our hopes for the future, our feelings for each other, our morals and ideals for raising our children. It's pretty nice around here. He also has a wicked sense of humor and that is good for me too...we "get" each other when there aren't a whole hell of a lot of other people that get us.

I've recently become obsessed with Brian Andreas (due in part to an incredible layout my buddy Gillian did recently of her cutie pie Emma...I would show you the layout but it's unavailable right now *wink*) I've done a couple of layouts myself recently using quotes of his and ran across this quote a couple of days ago:

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.

Made me think of C and I immediately (as do so many other things...) Back in the day we would often rise early, drive up the mountain a bit with some Krispy Kreme (droooool) and watch the sunrise. It was a time for us to connect...talk without the interruption of TV or phone, and enjoy the silence TOGETHER...something we don't have the opportunity to do much anymore. I look forward to the future when we get to spend LOTS of peaceful, quiet time together...not *too* soon though, these boys of ours are growing up way too fast as it is (Jake will be THREE tomorrow...happy birthday dear Jake.)

A picture from one of our early morning drives...taken on my birthday in 2002, a couple of weeks after we got married...I was a few weeks pregnant with my sweet boy here but happily past the morning sickness :) A really crappy pic but I had a really crappy camera at the time...I still love it because Carlos took it of me and he loves it :)

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Hope your long weekend was a wonderful one...Happy Labor Day :)


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  2. Oh you two are just so cute :)

  3. Look how happy and carefree you look! I'm jealous!!

    BTW - My mom thinks Carlos is hot. Eric Estrada...remember?? ;)

  4. Anonymous10:13 AM

    yes he is. hehe. and you are so adorable. ;) i love that i can feel the love between u two. how sappy is that? (and why am i all of a sudden thinking of the movie the lion king? haha)

  5. Very hot... :)
    So great to know that love like that exists in that world. Totally gives us hope, doesn't it?

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    He *is* hot and I love that you have such an amazing love....because you are such a wonderful person...you totally deserve it! Love what Desiree said....love that I can feel the love.....very cool!

  7. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Hot? Yep, that was never in doubt. I love to hear when two people share so much together, and more importantly - don't take it for granted. :-)

  8. Anonymous6:12 PM

    You guys have such a cool relationship, and it couldn't happen to a better person Erica. I'm so happy for you guys :)

    and yes, he's HOT. :)

  9. Anonymous8:13 PM

    and that photo is on one of my all time favourite layouts, ever :)
    and yeah, he is hot :)

    You both seem to have such a cool relationship :)

  10. Anonymous7:02 PM


    Love me some Hernandez schmoop. :)

    (I vote for hot, too. ;) )


  11. what a great post--what a deep, awesome relationship you guys have!



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