don't usually do this...

share scrapbooking kind of stuff, that is. But I had to make an exception for this...

This is Jake, in all his diapered glory. This is Jake EVERYDAY. The kid lives in his diaper. Perhaps you've noticed that this is his outfit of choice in most every picture I have posted on my blog (and, come to think of it, I sure do take a lot of pictures of my couch :p) We don't have any problems getting him dressed to leave the house but once we're home, he wants his shirt OFF, his pants OFF, his socks OFF...well, you get the idea.

Just wanted to make it clear that it's not that I don't dress the boy; this is his choice, this is his preference, this is his perogative, and HOPEFULLY, this is a phase (especially as the DAMN cold Michigan winter is sneaking up on us!)


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Well, if I looked that cute in a diaper, maybe I would do that too. :) You also pointed out the importance of a good, neutral couch. I need to go couch shopping.

  2. I'm lovin' the fat folds above the diaper, although, they look more like skin folds than fat folds. But, that could just be me. :)
    btw, love the page, wanna be you.

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I love that you captured this picture...and that he does this! Love the layout :)

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    hey, why mess with a good thing, right? he's so blinking adorable..and i'm guessing he know it too, lol! neat-o layout too! love the crooked corner!

  5. Anonymous4:13 PM

    aw. baby pudge!!

    my big one insists on wearing his jammies whenever we're not outside.. and the little one is my occasional stripper. silly boys. i'm still waiting for the phase to pass...

  6. Cole is the exact same way!!! Sometimes I dress him just for photos!! But he's so cute in his diapered-glory, too! Love this layout, E!

  7. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Alex was the same way Erica until she started Preschool (she was about 3 and 9 months) and then she was forced to wear clothes;)

    Love this picture!! Baby pudge:D
    Awesome layout too

  8. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Once again, you make me know I'm not alone. I have more pics of my kids in their diapers than I'd want to admit. Children just love to be nekked! And good for them, man. Let them be comfortable in their skin. They'll develop insecurities soon enough (if they're anything like their mom...ha!).

    And your layout is classically, fabulously Erica. Damn, girl. Could you for once do a bad one so that I don't feel alone in that arena? ;)


  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    a great moment to journal E...to be remembered forever. i have forgotten little things like that about my kids. i could look at your pages all day girl, you know that. hugs.

  10. That photo is so stinkin cool!! My little guys love being nekked too, you gotta love it! I wish I could run around like they do feeling as free as that...ahhh..to be young again!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I am SO picturing Jake 15 years from now... new college student, hangin on the couch (same one, slightly more beat up and "aged") in the dorm room, snarfing down cold pizza in one hand, phone in the other hand calling mom and asking for money, and of course...wearing only his briefs.

  12. LOL, Erica!! It makes for great pics of him, that's for sure! :)

  13. Anonymous10:05 AM

    so diggin' that photo. and yeah, with the snow about to fly, the child might need some additional outerwear. ;)

    the countdown to michigan is on! :)

  14. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Too adorable! Enjoy the phase while it lasts! I guarantee you'll miss it when it's gone! :-)

  15. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Loving that pic, Erica. Might I point out to my new fellow Michigander that it gets mighty cold in these here parts....

  16. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Awesome lo E per usual. Love the pic ;)

  17. Anonymous7:52 AM

    So cute! Kiersten was the same exact way! ;)



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